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Info A report is not available for purchase until it has been approved by the Law Enforcement Agency. Usually the approval will be within a few days of the incident but this is only a general guideline and can vary by agency and by incident severity.

By Phone:

Please use our support number found on our main contact page ( for all APS:ReportBeam - Ecommerce Inquiries.

If you are having problems finding your report, please include the following information to help us assist you:

  • Crash Report Number
  • Name of Law Enforcement Agency that issued the Crash Report
  • Date of Crash
  • Time of Crash (approximate)
  • Involved Party Name
  • Crash Location (Street Name/City)

If you are having problems completing your purchase, please include as much information as possible to help us assist you:

  • Device used for purchase (Computer, phone, tablet)
  • Was the Online/Offline indicator present (it should be to the left of the red Comodo Security icon)
    • Was the payment service showing a green circle with the text "Online"?
    • Was the payment service showing a red circle with the text "Offline"?
  • Was there a red outline around the Card Number and CVV textboxes?
  • Steps you took that produced the error:
    • The order that you filled in the fields
    • How you entered the credit card number? Typed (recommended); copy and paste, browser Autofill or AutoComplete (not recommended)
    • Did you change the expiry date (it defaults to the current month and year)?
    • Did you click anywhere else on the page after you clicked the Purchase Report button?

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