4. Sell Reports

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate walk-in report requests.
    ReportBeam provides an innovative approach that allows the public to find and purchase reports directly off the internet. Reports can also be made available through lobby kiosks, reducing counter traffic even further.
  • Customizable rule-based system.
    The system can be customized to meet all state-mandated rules, regardless of which state. Whether the rule involves the release of reports involving minors, or an anti-solicitation law designed to reduce litigation costs, ReportBeam can be tailored to protect your records.
  • Manages the collection of fees.
    All report requests are conducted through the ReportBeam system removing the need for records departments to reconcile their report request revenue.
  • Flexible access control/security.
    The ReportBeam system can be customized to require all report requests to be approved by the records department staff. This security option allows Records departments to maintain absolute control over the sale of records if necessary.

Key Features:

  • Internet-based system (no additional licenses required)
  • Customizable search system
  • Flexible security system to provide absolute control over records
  • Detailed, automated tracking allows for report activity logging
  • Electronically submit reports to state-level agencies (subject to state availability)
Purchasing Electronic Crash Reports Onlin

Online Distribution

As an added benefit for your agency, ReportBeam can handle the distribution of reports to the public, lawyers and insurance adjusters. The E-Commerce module allows interested parties to search for a collision report based on specific criteria and then purchase an electronic copy of the report immediately online without going to the department.

Save Time and Money

Instant access to report data ensures accurate and efficient data distribution as well as elimination of time consuming paperwork.

Save valueable resources so you can allocate them where they are needed, to create safer communities.