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"Being able to use the ReportBeam form has drastically improved the appearance of our reports and made them considerably more professional. I like the fact that you can now adjust the size of the diagram that is placed into the form as this was the only issue/ suggestion I had with the program in the past. For larger scenes the object library is quite extensive and very useful for all sorts of investigations in addition to motor vehicle collisions. The staff at VS has been great and always provided us with outstanding technical support and service. "
Rob Corn, Bainbridge Island PD, WA, Bainbridge Island, WA

"Advanced Public Safety is the only company to successfully create an electronic Washington State Collision Report that passes muster at DOL. ReportBeam is extremely easy to use, and the finished product is superior to anything I could write or diagram. The ability to create a clean, clear diagram and report using mouse-clicks in a few minutes eliminates the old hassle of bad pens, white-out, re-dos, and rain-soaked forms. The seldom-needed customer support at Advanced Public Safety is extremely helpful and patient and are located in the Pacific Time Zone. Advanced Public Safety is definitely on the officer's side when it comes to streamlining and improving the ability to do our jobs. Keep it up! "
Alex Schoening, Traffic Homicide Investigator, Clark County Sheriff's Office, WA

The product [ReportBeam Traffic Collision Reporting System] was installed and the officers all enjoy the program, and say it is 100% better than the accident report system we had before. With all the companies we have dealt with over the years for our computer programs, Advanced Public Safety has been the best in customer service and in working with the customers to obtain the best result from the program that we have dealt with. Good job, guys and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Detective C.J. Kloberdance, Golden Police Department, CO

I have not been this excited about something in the law enforcement community since mobile radios were introduced to our department back in 1988. Our state just deployed ReportBeam statewide!
Brady McMillen, Director - Accident Reconstruction, Mississippi Highway Patrol

To my surprise, it took me only about five hours to train the entire uniform division (35 officers) over a couple of days to use the software. Never have we implemented something so easy. In fact, our report numbers increased about 7% in the first couple of weeks. I attribute this to officers being so comfortable with the software they are more inclined to prepare reports as compared to the previous software we were using.
Charles Odom, Assistant Chief, Union City, GA

SmartRoads Testimonials

"Has reduced time involved in diagramming accidents and makes follow-up much easier. Thanks!"
Commander Chuck Odom, Union City Police, Union City, GA

"This program [SmartRoads] allows me to deliver the best, professional product to my clients, in the exact amount of time."
Robert Eyford, Rae-Tech Investigations Ltd., Quesnel, BC

"Advanced Public Safety software is ideal for any Law Enforcement agency or profesional, who likes to present a professional image to the public or client. The software [VS Investigator Suite] is incredible and eye-catching. It has tools that are easy to use, with a wide range of possibilities. The tech support is matched nowhere else in the industry, with a cost that is acceptable."
Captain Terry P. Bryan, Sevierville Police Department, Sevierville, TN

"I have been greatly impressed with this program. The vehicle database and damage profiles are some of the things that set this program above and beyond other drawing programs. The extremely friendly and responsive staff at Advanced Public Safety is another great advantage. I heartily endorse VS Products as the best for use in the accident reconstruction field."
Mr. Steven D.Kukuruza, Accident Reconstruction Consultants of North Idaho, ID

"We at the Excelsior Springs Police Department have put good use to this software [Vista]. We use it to make a professional diagram on almost every accident we work. The ability to save pre-drawn diagrams and then simply insert the vehicles is very important to our department. The newest version is very user-friendly and easy to learn. The Vista diagram is now the standard for our department."
Sgt. Clinton Reno, Excelsior Springs Police Department, MO

"The program is easy to use and easy to learn whether you have prior autocad training or not. Our dealings with the company have all been positive. When we have suggestions and requests for things to be included or change they always accommodate us. Having used other drawing programs this is. The most client friendly company I've dealt with yet. I look forward to using the program for a long time. "
Senior Trooper Rick Dowsett, Virginia Crash Investigation Team, Virginia State Police, Richmond, VA

SmartRoads with Reports Testimonials

"The New Mexico State Police has recently purchased software for each district throughout the state. The software allows us to produce a report that reflects the professionalism expected of our officers and reduced the time required to produce the reports. Advanced Public Safety makes an outstanding product."
Lt. Steve Culberth, New Mexico State Police, NM

"I have used this software in many accident investigations and I highly recommend it. The software is easy to use, easy to install and clear in output. I have investigated many software programs and used to work accident investigations, and I can easily say that your program is the best of its type. I took it out of the box, installed it and was working with ease within minutes. I would recommend this software to any accident investigator or any officer who works crash reports and wishes to present a professional report."
Chief Glenn T. Summers, Decherd Police Department, TN

One of the things that impresses me the most about this program, is that it also acts as a teaching guide. As you probably know, in some smaller agencies, the funds are not always available for some advanced training. In my case, I did not have as much Accident Training as others in my class. I found that by using this program, it taught me techniques to actually improve my skills. It also showed me some of the small common areas that I needed to do to complete a real comprehensive accident report. I now incorporate these into my investigations. The Detectives are also impressed. I am now getting called out to assist them in recording serous crimes scenes for use on this program. After recreating an old homicide scene, I had them sold on the software. Thank you for the product, and the quick response to all e-mails I have sent. The prompt response show me that the company continues to "sell" this program after it is bought. I will recommend this product to anyone that asks."
Sgt. Bill Russell, Oak Harbor Police Department, WA

"Our agency has been utilizing Advanced Public Safety for accident reporting since July of 2003. We have been very pleased with the overall performance of the software. The program has been very stable and reliable. Additionally, I might add the support we have received has been outstanding. ... The appearance of the printed state reports are identical to the Colorado State form, with all the edits in place in compliance with Colorado State reporting requirements, making it very user friendly. The diagramming of the accident is also very user friendly. Our officers are very pleased with the program and did not have difficulty with the training and use of the system. Advanced Public Safety also has a function whereby citizens/insurance companies may access and retrieve accident reports directly over the internet. This has been a great time saver for our Records Department. We are still "training" some of the insurance companies, but we're getting there! This has certainly cut down on window traffic!!!! Hopefully this information will assist you in making a decision. Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any further concerns."
Pat Oswald, Records Coordinator, Golden Police Department, Golden, CO