ReportBeam Expandability Options

ReportBeam is capable of expanding to meet an agency’s needs. Along with the ability to distribute reports to interested parties, ReportBeam also offers the ability to support a variety of other forms such as electronic citations, incident and DUI forms.

Public Distribution

As an added benefit to your agency, ReportBeam can handle the distribution of report requests to the public, lawyers, and insurance adjusters.

The E-Commerce module allows interested parties to search for a collision report based on specific criteria and then purchase an electronic copy of the report immediately. A quick and efficient way of handling paperwork.


To enhance your collision data, ReportBeam can incorporate electronic citations. From batch processing to officer completed citations, the data becomes part of the overall picture in your community. Statistics drawn and analyzed from this data can help you design clear, targeted safety and enforcement initiatives. With continued tracking through ReportBeam’s system, the results can be constantly monitored and adjusted when necessary. You can see when you make a difference in the safety of your community.

RMS Integration

Data collected within ReportBeam can be integrated with other Records Management Systems. ReportBeam provides a standard data file format and API for integration with other data systems. This reduces duplicate data entry, saves resources, and helps to eliminate costly errors.
Imagine information entered in a single report being transparently and seamlessly transferred through all data systems.

State Submission Integration

ReportBeam is capable of electronically submitting reports to state-level agencies (subject to state availability).

Your agency gains an electronic data system and an electronic submission system to quickly transfer data to the states systems.

Build your own Report

ReportBeam provides a powerful reporting wizard capable of creating ad-hoc (customized) reports and allowing the user to save the created report for later. Creating a report that allows the user to see what safety equipment was used in serious injury collisions can be accomplished in 3 quick steps.
ReportBeam users can then quickly and seamlessly jump between chart, grid and map views to determine exactly what is happening within their community. The ability to export the data into other programs provides another tool to analyze the data.